Why your business needs a website

Are you taking full advantage of all your digital assets?

Why your business needs to have a website

If you are a business and you are not taking advantage of having your own custom website you could be missing out and many potential customers.
And NO Facebook business page is not a substitute for a website. If Facebook went down for a day or a week or forever you will have lost your “site” and contacts.
You need to have your own asset that you own and can leverage.
When a customer is looking for a service or a product the first place to go to is the internet. They will type in a search in their browser for what they are looking for and thus begins their research. They will visit websites of the businesses that are offering what they are looking for, and read reviews. If you do not have a website (or are only using Facebook) how will your potential customer find you, complete their research, and decide if they want to work with you or not?
88% of the decision to work with your business is done prior to the customer even coming to your store. When the user lands on your website it should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, clearly show what you offer, and be easy to contact you or buy from you. 
If you currently do not have a website or your website isn’t working as hard for you as you would like, then you need to get creating/editing! You could be missing out on so many customers!

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