What is the best SEO keyword strategy?

Before we get into the strategy, let’s talk briefly about what SEO is and what a keyword is so you are up to speed.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the actions you do to better rank and be found in search results. This can be in Social Media Searches, Google, Pinterest, anything with a search function.


What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words that people search that are in your content. These keywords are what will make your content show up when the users search for them. For example, if they are searching for digital marketing in Edmonton on Google and you are a digital marketing agency servicing Edmonton you would want to have that phrase in your copy (ideally as an H1 or H2) to help you show up for this keyword search.


What is the best SEO Keyword Strategy?

A good question. No really, a good question! Using question phrases in your copy and headlines will help you rank in search when someone searches. Most people when they are looking to find something in Google they will type it in as a question: “where are the best hiking trails in Edmonton”. If you had a blog you could have an article titled “What are the Best Hiking Trails in Edmonton?” and be top of the search!

Use Google Keyword Planner to help you determine what phrases people are searching and create your content to reflect those questions.

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