The conversion metrics you should be tracking on your website


  1. Traffic sources

Where is the traffic coming from?

This is important to know so that you are not wasting time and energy on areas that are not driving traffic.

Direct visitors: are people landing on your website by typing in your exact URL

Search visitors: are people coming from a search engine like Google.

Referral visitors: are coming through a link from another site. This could be social media, a blog, or some other website.

It is important to have the traffic coming from all different source types.


  1. New visitor conversions

What do new visitors do when they land on your site? This can help to tell you if the action you want people to take is actually happening or not and be able to adjust accordingly.


  1. Return visitor conversions

Why did they return? Where did they go when they returned? Did they convert on the return?

A return visit is always a good sign!


  1. Page Interactions

What are they doing on the site? Are they clicking through multiple pages, are they reading blogs, are they leaving comments on things? The more they are exploring the site the better as this can mean they have a high interest I the content you have on your site.


  1. Cost Per Conversion (CPC)

What is the cost to get that client to click on your site and convert? If it is costing you $100 to get a customer and the conversion value is only $10 you may need to re-evaluate.


  1. Bounce Rate

How many people are clicking on your site and promptly clicking off without doing anything? This could point to poor design, low usability, high load times or the page wasn’t what they thought.


  1. Exit Pages

What pages are people leaving your site from? If you have an e-commerce site you want people to leave at the thank you for your purchase page. If they are leaving before this, for example at the product description, you may need to adjust your description page to encourage people to continue through the sales process.


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