You’ve heard social media is great for business, but which one should you choose? Each platform has a certain type of content and a certain type of visitor it tends to attract. This means each one can benefit different types of businesses in different ways.


The Benefits of Social Media for Business

It doesn’t matter if your company is a global brand or an indie startup, social media is a critical tool for marketing and growth. And because businesses now have the same resources as individuals to invest, they can choose the best networks to create a buzz around their brand or to engage with their customers. Facebook is by far the most used social network around. The platform is already nearly 2 billion strong and growing, and it still grows at a faster rate than every other social network on the list. Because Facebook has the largest user base of all social networks, businesses are expected to benefit greatly from social media on the platform.


Which Social Media Platform to Use

There’s a lot of competition between the different platforms out there. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all doing their best to grab your attention and make you the most popular user in the world. So which platform should you choose? Here’s our list of the best social networks for your business. If you’re a business, the chances are you’ve already signed up to Facebook. The platform is well-established and has a massive user base. Facebook is perfect for business because it’s free to get set up and can be quickly used by anyone to share pictures and post updates to their followers, create ads, create groups and business pages.



Instagram focuses on sharing high-quality content — this can be through photography or food. Because Instagram has a strong focus on sharing visual content, it tends to attract a user base more focused on visuals. According to Nextiva, 30 percent of Instagram users share photos and video, while only 20 percent of Facebook users share photos on Facebook. Businesses that are more visual, for example Restaurants, Clothing, Beauty, etc, would do well using Instagram for their business.



For many people, Facebook is the go-to social network. In the U.S., about 90 percent of American internet users visit the site at least once a month. But Facebook has since been facing criticism for being too competitive. The company’s desire to gather as much data about its users as possible has led to the spread of fake news across the platform. However, Facebook is still the most popular social network in the world. And there are some very good reasons for that. Facebook boasts the most active users. As of 2017, 2.2 billion people worldwide use the service, and there are more people on Facebook than on Twitter (or Snapchat or Instagram). Facebook offers some great features for businesses, including an ability to track what kind of activity is taking place on your page.



Twitter is similar to Facebook in that it caters to business owners and anyone looking for news. The main difference with Twitter is that it’s easier for those trying to sell their products or services because it’s easier to get noticed. However, the lack of business users does mean a lack of interaction. Twitter also doesn’t have an algorithm that dictates what is on the feed. If you post on Twitter, people can see your post or not, which can create an exciting feeding frenzy for those trying to gain followers. You can’t buy followers, but you can try certain hacks. For example, these are ways you can get more followers on Twitter.



LinkedIn has long been a great social network for business and has expanded its capabilities with third-party developers and new, more modern interfaces. It is now available as a website as well as a native app. Your business can use LinkedIn to: Grow your network, Get to know your target audience, Keep in touch with previous customers. To get started you first need to create a business page or “introduce yourself” as the community calls it. This is often the first place your target audience finds out more about you and your business.



If you’re an online store, Pinterest could prove to be very beneficial. You can start by finding images that you think people would be interested in. Then you can share these on your blog to create a little marketing buzz. On Pinterest, the content you create can act as a great influencer. People love to “like” or “follow” and comment on what others have created. This is where they might come across your store’s product. If you’re selling home décor items, for example, you might like to highlight a coffee table design or a wooden sign for your store. There are many things you can do with your business Pinterest boards. Twitter If you sell e-commerce, Twitter could be the best social network for your business. First of all, it is very popular and many people are very active on Twitter.



If you need video marketing done, TikTok is great. It’s great for short-form videos, which doesn’t take up much space and can have a large reach. Vine is a social media platform that popularized shorter video clips a couple of years ago. The platform’s name comes from its original incarnation as a Vine app. These clips are often sixty seconds or shorter but can be longer depending on how you’re using them. This platform is ideal for those creating art and designs, including digital goods. Key to using TikTok is creating eye catching, fun, and engage content 3-7 times a week.



Most social networks are going to benefit your business by exposing you to a larger audience. The thing to ask yourself if which platform is likely to have the most of my idea clients, how much time and effort do you want to spend on socials, and what type of content best suits you.


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