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Is Digital Advertising For Recruiters Important?

Yes! The headhunting industry is incredibly competitive. You will need to optimize all aspects of your online presence to make an impact.

The fundamentals you should focus on include:
  • Have a beautifully optimized website.
  • Grow your website with a SEO strategy
  • Advertise your business through Google Ads

How Does SEO Work For Recruiters?

A company contacts you for spots they have open and now your challenge is to go find someone to fill that role, so how does SEO help you? Since job posts are usually only temporary this means they will usually not have a permanent page for each post. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, with the proper support and optimization, you can get new pages indexed in Google in as little as 24-48 hours! However, this means your website has to be optimized incredibly well to have a new page indexed that fast.
That’s where Elite Digital Marketing comes in our specialists have experience not only in creating content but getting it onto Google as fast as possible.

How Can You Get Recruitment Leads Digitally?

Headhunters and recruiters are extremely competitive as it is in their nature to be. This means if you have a job position available, you have to get it on your website and on Google as fast as possible. 

Website Optimization

There are certain strategies you can implement on your site so Google is constantly monitoring it for changes. Once Google detects that there is a change it will begin to index it and show it to Google. An average indexing time is around 1-2 weeks. This means that your page probably won’t show up in the Google search results until at least a week or two! By then the role could be filled. That’s why our specialists have figured out the fastest way to get a page indexed. In some cases, we can have your content up and indexed in 1-3 days! To accomplish this it is recommended that you optimize your internal linking, content-releasing frequency, and site speed (plus there are a few other industry secrets we know about to get this done).

Keyword Research & Content

Your job posts are definitely your money pages but don’t forget about the other parts of your website. Keyword research is crucial so your website is primed and ready to show up when it needs to. If you have a great content strategy and keyword research, Google won’t have to guess the topic of your website. That’s why it’s best to have a large amount of blog topics all aimed at topics like job interviews, how to look for jobs, what to put on your resume, etc. If Google can see that you are an authority on the topic they are more likely to push your pages out faster and rank them higher. 

Off-Page SEO

Your off-page SEO strategy will need to be excellent as well. Building do-follow links from other sites to your websites is kind of like voting. If your site has lots of quality links Google will assume you have high credibility. This increased credibility will mean it’s more likely that Google will push your content out faster and higher then your competitors.

Social & Job Board Sharing

Sharing the job to social media and job boards like Indeed are also super effective, whenever you can, you should link the job share back to your site and share it on as many digital boards as possible. If the job is pulled in automatically like the Google jobs aggregator, then you will need to make sure the formatting is correct so people have an easy time reading it.
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If the format optimization is poor, then it can show up like this:

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As you can probably see it’s very difficult to read and the user may skip past it. Elite Digital Marketing can verify and optimize all the different aspects of your site so it will perform well and convert as many leads as possible.

Elite Digital Has Competitive SEO Experience

The industries below are incredibly competitive and it takes serious skill to rank for the first page of Google.

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Consultative Discovery Sessions

We make it a point to immediately ask prospective customers about their goals and needs in order to provide them with a higher level of service. Following that, we will be able to create a quantitative plan and identify key performance indicators (KPIs). During this meeting, we will talk about how much time and energy you want to devote to your online business.

Build or Audit Your Website Presence

Every successful online business has a website that serves as its primary point of contact with clients and customers. Why? Because the majority of your customers prefer Google to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for problem solutions. We want your website to be as user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly as possible if we want it to move up in search engine rankings.

Technical SEO​

We conduct an in-depth analysis of every aspect of your online presence, followed by an actionable improvement strategy. Navigation and site structure are important, as are structured data, mobile content, site speed, crawlability, indexation, links, canonization, and file type optimization.

On-Page SEO​

When it comes to SEO, the text isn't the only thing to think about. Implementing on-page ranking criteria that instruct Googlebots to traverse your website and index your content is something you should do as part of the process of optimising your content for Google's search results. We are able to find search phrases that are relevant to the content that is intended for it by using keyword research tools, conducting competitive analysis (which involves looking at what your competitors are doing successfully), and staying up to date on current events.

Competitive Data​

Every one of our clients has the option of granting us permission to conduct research on their competitors' online strategies in order to determine where those competitors stand in search results. This research is intended to help our clients gain an advantage over their rivals. The goal of this research is to determine which aspects of those competitors' businesses are lacking and then look for ways to outrank them. Because of this report, you have the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors that you would not have had otherwise. This benefit would not be available otherwise.

Our Holistic Approach to
Recruiter SEO

The headhunters’ search engine optimization (SEO) strategy combines tactical SEO components with a user experience that is both straightforward and organic (CMS optimizations, bytes, waterfalls, paint, etc.).

We provide industry-leading strategies for establishing an organic online presence for our clients by utilising ongoing analytics and content that has been modified to appeal to the demographic that is being targeted. These strategies are available on our website. This is critical in the field of dentistry, which is known for its fierce competition.

To put it another way, we will do everything in our power to get your website on the first page of Google’s search results.

Why Should Elite Digital Marketing Be Your #1 Plumber SEO Provider?

You should delegate the difficult aspects of marketing to Elite Digital Marketing professionals because the company has a large staff of experts, each of whom is dedicated to a specific area of marketing. This implies that achieving the same level of expertise as we do would necessitate the assistance of not just one, but several specialists in addition to a manager. This is required if we are to achieve the same level of success that we have. You can delegate responsibility to us, and we will ensure that every step of the process is completed successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Headhunters SEO is search engine optimization specifically aimed at headhunters.

Yes! If customers are having a hard time with your website, it may discourage them from using your clinic. This can even be true for loyal customers!