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Is Digital Advertising For Real Estate Important?

Yes! The market for real estate is notorious for its cutthroat competition. In order to make an impression, you need to make the most of every aspect of your online presence.

The fundamentals you should focus on include:
  • Have a beautifully optimized website.
  • Grow your website with a SEO strategy
  • Advertise your business through Google Ads

Why Is SEO For Real Estate Websites Important?

Real estate websites are typically significantly larger then your average website, they usually consists of hundreds, or even thousands of real estate listings. They also usually cover many different areas. This means optimization in bulk. The theme you are using must be fast and efficient while allowing you tons of options.
Real estate websites are also very lead driven, so Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will have to be prioritized. CRO involves increasing the frequency at which customers submit their information on your site. Depending on how well the site is built, usually between 5-20% of customers will convert on average. However, getting to 10% and above take serious skills.
Since lead gen is so important, we can also track the customer journey all the way to the sale of the house. This way you don’t have to guess which source is most valuable to you. 

Lead Generation Ideas For Real Estate

There are lots of different ways to gain leads for your business you don’t just have to rely on one and what works for someone else might be different then what works for you. We think you shouldn’t dismiss anything until you’ve exhausted that source as an effective possibility. 

Organic Google Leads

There’s always something you can do to outrank the competition on Google. Your website is a lot like a car, you need to run regular maintenance checks on it while also improving it’s performance. If you neglect your website eventually it will suffer and Google won’t rank your website high. The best thing about organic leads is the ROI can be very high when the SEO is done effectively. You can also target specific customers very effectively if you know what you’re doing.

PPC Advertising

Organic traffic is great, but it usually takes a while to build up, if you pay for your traffic then you can get it to your website much sooner then waiting for organic growth. PPC advertising basically works like a digital auction, there are many different aspects we have to consider for an effective PPC campaign. The great thing about PPC is the ability to see so much data, and it’s usually pretty consistent. You can also track your spend down to the cent so you can calculate ROI.

Social Media Advertising

With proper management, your listings can get huge amounts of exposure online. If you have great looking pictures and conversion-driven captions, then getting leads on social media is definitely an option. If you have an open house for example you can create a Facebook event and offer some kind of incentive for people to RSVP to the event. 

Blog Content

People love free and useful information. Your website could, for example, have an extensive blog that talks about all the aspects of buying, maintaining, and selling a home. A customer might not be aware of why a realtor is even important. If your blog content is good enough, you should be able to convince users that you are essential, and since they’re on your website, they might as well pick you.

Elite Digital Has Competitive SEO Experience

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Consultative Discovery Sessions

One of the very first things that we do is investigate potential customers in order to learn their goals and specifications. As a result, we can construct a quantitative roadmap and anticipate significant performance requirements (KPIs). Throughout the entirety of this meeting, we are going to talk about the amount of focus that you intend to provide your internet business.

Build or Audit Your Website Presence

Each and every profitable online business begins and winds down on a website. Why? because your customers are more likely to look for solutions to their problems on Google as opposed to social media platforms. We want your website to be user-friendly, responsive to mobile devices, and friendly to search engine optimization so that it can achieve the greatest possible potential search ranks.

Technical SEO​

We perform an in-depth analysis of every aspect of your online presence and present you with a practical action plan for further growth. The navigation and structure of the website, as well as structured data, mobile content, site speed, indexation, linkages, canonization, and file type optimization, are all essential components.

On-Page SEO​

There is more to search engine optimization than just text. The implementation of on-page ranking factors that encourage Googlebots to explore and index the content of your website is an essential component of Google's content optimization strategy. We use tools for keyword research, competitive analysis (looking at what your competitors are doing successfully), and current events to uncover relevant search terms for which the information is intended.

Competitive Data​

Every client has the option of deciding for themselves whether or not they want us to investigate the online marketing tactics that their rivals employ in order to determine where they stand in search results, locate any vulnerabilities, and look for ways to outrank them. This report is the most effective method for achieving the competitive edge, which would be difficult to attain using any other method.

Our Holistic Approach to
Real Esate SEO

In order to get the best possible search engine optimization (SEO) outcomes, our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy mixes user-friendly user experiences with beneficial SEO components (CMS optimizations, bytes, waterfalls, paint, etc.).

We are able to deliver solutions that are industry-leading in terms of developing an organic online presence because we run continuous analytics and personalise our content to the specific needs of our audience. Given how cutthroat the competition is in the profession of dentistry, this is of the utmost significance.

To put it another way, we have made a significant amount of work to ensure that your website is featured prominently on the main page of Google.

Why Should Elite Digital Marketing Be Your #1 Contracting SEO Provider?

Elite Digital Marketing offers a complete team of specialists, each of whom specialises in a different aspect of marketing, so you don’t have to worry about the difficult tasks that need to be completed. This indicates that in order to equal our level of competence, you would need to employ a management team in addition to many individuals working in their respective fields. You also have the option of handing everything over to us, and we will take care of it all for you.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Real Estate SEO is search engine optimization specifically aimed at realtors.

Yes! Customers who find it difficult to use your website may be dissuaded from making an appointment at your clinic as a result. This is something that can even be true for devoted clients!