Local SEO For Franchises

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Is SEO For Franchises Important?

Franchises need a very decisive SEO strategy. This is because you have multiple locations in competing for the same term. Ideally the individual franchises would be drawing in local traffic while not competing with one another. This is accomplished through a number of different strategies.

Why Is SEO so crucial for franchises?

Franchises don’t just have one location to worry about, they usually have many. This means each location will need a sperate strategy that meshes well with the other franchises. You will need to make sure that your locations aren’t competing with one another in the SERPS and that your website or websites are all using the correct strategy for that area.
If you’re a national, or international franchise, then the strategy will become even more complex. People in different geographic locations may refer to the same product with different terms. 

How Can A Franchise Acquire Customers Digitally?

People will often only look online for a business or they may get a recommendation from friends. People are also creatures of habit, so if they do need something they will usually go to places they’ve already been and won’t try anything new. This means you need to have stellar marketing so you’re able to capture the potential new customer’s interest when they are looking for something new. 

Increase Your Digital Visibility

It’s tough to do everything, you might make great pizza, but you might not be able to take great pictures, or make great copy. This is totally fine, we all have different strengths. Your digital presence also takes a lot of time to grow, so you might not have the time in your day to do it. If you’re already spending 8-12 hours or more a day on your business, the last thing you have the energy for is writing blog posts and social media content. You should be the expert in your own business, while we can be the experts in marketing your business.

Show Off Your Product Online

Does your business produce a tangible good or is it service based? If it’s easy to communicate what you do through pictures or videos, then the internet will love you because unique content in these mediums perform very well. You can also post the pictures on your website and write about your processes in making the product.

If you have a intangible service you may have to get slightly more creative with your multi-media content, but people love to see the people behind the service. Even if you feel uncomfortable being filmed or photographed, the more you do it, the better you’ll get! You will be surprised how many people follow your story and content even if you don’t hear from them.

Be Authentic And Genuine

Almost everyone and their dog (literally) is trying to get big on social media now in some way or another. All this content means a lot of it will be fake and just meant to get views. If you can keep your content as real and authentic as possible people will not only want to watch you, but they will trust you as a genuine service provider.

Elite Digital Has Competitive SEO Experience

The industries below are incredibly competitive and it takes serious skill to rank for the first page of Google.

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Our SEO Process

Finding out the objectives and demands of potential customers is one of the first things we perform. We can then develop a quantitative plan and foresee important performance criteria (KPIs). We’ll decide how much attention you want to give your web business throughout this session.

Every effective online business begins and ends on a website. Why? because your clients are searching for solutions to their problems on Google rather than social media. We want your website to be user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly for the best possible search rankings.

Every element of your internet presence is carefully examined by us, and we give you a practical development strategy. All of the following are crucial components: site navigation and structure, structured data, mobile content, site speed, indexation, links, canonization, and file type optimization.

SEO encompasses more than simply text. Optimizing content for Google involves implementing on-page ranking factors that tell Googlebots to browse your website and index your content. Using keyword research tools, competitive analysis (looking at what your competitors are doing well), and current issues, we identify relevant search terms for which content is intended.

All clients have the choice to permit us to investigate the online marketing tactics of their rivals to find out where they stand in search results, with the goal of finding weaknesses and looking for approaches to outrank them. This report is the finest technique to gain the competitive edge that would otherwise be hard to attain.

Our Holistic Approach to
Franchise SEO

Our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy blends technical SEO aspects with a simple user interface for franchises (CMS optimizations, bytes, waterfalls, paint, etc.).

We provide best-in-class techniques for a natural internet presence owing to continual analytics and material that has been optimized for the intended audience. This is especially important for a competitive industry like dentistry.

In other words, we make every effort to place your website on Google’s main page.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Local SEO is search engine optimization specifically aimed at local searches only instead of national or international searches.

Yes! Don’t you want new customers to find you?