How To Not Make Your Headline Suck


People are not clicking because your headline sucks!

Did that get your attention?

Well, here is the thing, most people will read or scroll by an article or post based on the headline alone. This is why many new articles or Youtubers will use what we refer to as “clickbait”. Clickbait is an intriguing headline that causes the reader to want to click because they just HAVE to find out more. But make sure your headline is not sales-y and accurately represents what is in the article or video they are about to consume. Leading your viewer astray looks bad on your brand.


  • When structuring your headline it should be something that indicates that the content will be of benefit to the consumer. If it identifies a problem that the reader has and wants to solve, they are likely to click and read more. These could be any sort of “How to…” type headline for example. Be sure not to give away the steps or secrets in the headline. Leave some intrigue!


  • Create your headline to cause some urgency or fear of missing out by the reader. Most people don’t want to be the only ones that didn’t know something or be left out of the loop. A headline that tells the reader to “avoid THIS mistake when marketing on social media” would cause many readers to think… oh crap what if I am doing “this”, I need to find out more.


  • Make your headline unique in some way or have a play on words. Something that looks different from the norm will stand out and cause the reader to click just to find out what the title means.


  • Be concise and specific in your headline so that the article speaks to a certain person. This could be done by including a specific number like:

5 new DIY project to spruce up your home in 2021

This headline would jump out to a certain reader that wants to stay in the loop and current with the design trends but is crafty enough to do it themselves at home.

  • Use the Guide formula as described by Neil Patel to show the reader that you can help them with a topic of interest. Your headline will be structured as The [adjective] guide to [specific topic].

The adventurer’s guide to the best Canadian Breweries

  • Use two things in your headline that are opposite to invite curiosity. This could be something like:

Eat more to lost weight

OR Appeal to curiosity with something like

Little known secrets to save you huge on Amazon

               Someone reading this as a headline would likely be curious to find out what the author is suggesting!


Writing can be complex but it doesn’t have to! Think about headlines that have grabbed your attention in the past and recreate them in your own word.






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