Generating B2B sales leads on Social Media


Generating B2B sales on social media requires a different approach than generating B2C leads. This is because the profile of the client you are trying to reach differs greatly. The B2B client is not hanging out in the same spots or spending time in the same areas of social media that your B2C client might be.


To start targeting a B2B client you will need to be open to A/B testing your strategies and analyzing your performance, metrics, and conversions to assess if what you are doing is working.


  1. Tailor your content

Your content should follow a buyer persona. This means you must assess everything about your ideal client; their age, position, marital status, tier in their company, a bio of who they are, what their personality is like, other brands they like, what motivates them, what frustrates them, and what goals they have in business and personal. Knowing this will help you to write your copy when creating sales content. Researching what people like your ideal client are searching on Google can also help to determine keywords and phrases.


  1. Use email marketing smartly

Automate your emails to deliver at crucial times, for example when someone abandons the cart on your website. You want to get to them while they are still in the pain point of why they came to your site for help in the first place. Ensure these emails that are being sent are using your company email and have enticing headlines to help ensure the person will open and not just trash it. Once they open the email it should be clear, concise, on-brand, helpful, and beneficial to the reader.


  1. Increase your B2B contacts through attending events

Events are a great way to connect with similar minded people and make meaningful connections. Even if the event is virtual! (thanks Covid). Ensure you are participating in discussion, offering advice where appropriate, and swapping contact information.


  1. Personalize your social content to your potential client

Use keywords that are meaningful to them, research their company so you have a better understanding of what they do and what they need. Make connections on social media with the decision-makers of the companies you want to work with (Linkedin and Twitter are your go-to platforms for this). You can put all kinds of effort into your social media presence but if you are not showing up in front of the people that matter then your efforts will be wasted.

  1. Create a targeted landing page

Once you convert an interested buyer from social media and they land on your website landing page they need to be greeted with a clear message of what you can do for them to solve their problem. The page should be simple with a clear call to action and not overwhelming with information. Keep it short and simple so the reader knows exactly what they are getting if they click the button to move into the next step of working with you.

If you have multiple offers with different selling points simply create different landing pages for each.


  1. Ask for referrals from existing or past clients

A referral from someone who has had a personal experience with you is much more powerful than a social post or advertisement.

How do you get referrals? Here are a few steps:

  • Offer rewards such as discounts, free training sessions, and event invitations
  • Survey multiple customers
  • Keep your surveys short and precise so customers will be more likely to respond
  • Use the net promoter system to calculate how likely customers will be to recommend you
  • Ask for a written review or testimonial, or to feature in a testimonial video
  • Suggest creating a case study
  • Ask for a quote for a press release
  • Offer content that customers can share with their friends


Key takeaways for you to keep in mind:

  • Tailor your content to your ideal client or business
  • Use email marketing in a beneficial way
  • Utilize events to your benefit
  • Personalize your messaging
  • Make your landing pages clear, concise, and clean
  • Encourage referrals








Written by Cody Pringle


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