Retain more e-commerce customers with these strategies

If you own a e-commerce website this will help you convert more sales effortlessly.

On average 69% of people that open a shopping cart will end up abandoning the cart before finalizing a purchase. That’s every 7 out of 10 people!

These are 10 strategies to convert more of these sales:

  1. Email retargeting – When you send your email marketing letters to someone on your list this email when opened will use cookies to push your ads in front of the user when they browse the web. This may just be enough for the user to be coaxed back to your store and to buy.
  2. Be clear about added costs – Many people will abandon the cart because they got to the check out and all of a sudden, their $20 product is now $40 with shipping, and fees. Be clear up front about extra costs or try to reduce those costs as much as possible.
  3. Send an email immediately after the customer abandons the cart – Using your email software and cart abandonment software send the customer an email right away after exiting the cart. Stats show that you have about an hour before the likelihood of a sale goes way down.
  4. Streamline the checkout process – The more complicated your checkout process is the less likely a customer is to complete it. Shorten your checkout process and decrease your cart abandonment.
  5. Use clear and prominent call to actions – Be sure to have clear CTA’s in your checkout so the customer knows exactly what to do next.
  6. Add a “Save for Later” function – This allows shoppers to save it for later and come back rather than just abandoning all together.
  7. No extra links – avoid having links that take the customer away from the cart during checkout.
  8. One click – have one click shopping to make it easy for the customer. Amazon has proven that customer like this, so try it!
  9. Be fast – if your site is slow, customers will just leave. Ensure your site speed is up to par so that you don’t lose people.
  10. Testimonials – Having some testimonials in the cart can help give the customer confidence that what they are buying is valuable and not a waste of money.

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